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Research Is Key To Finding The Best Online Brokerage Services

Some people want to have a more hands on approach when it comes to trading, this is where online brokerage services come to the rescue. Whether you're interested in stocks, bonds or futures trading, there's a broker firm for you. Price can often play a big role in someone make their decision, but when it comes to picking the right service, do plenty of research and know your own strengths before just going for the seemingly cheaper site.

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There are two kinds of online brokerage services you can pick from. There's full service companies which not only let you trade but also offer investment advice and are capable of conducting market research for their client. The more you know about what it is you're wanting to trade, including current trends, the better your trade experience is going to be.

A discount company on the other hand, does not give trading advice of any kind. You are the sole decision maker in what you want to buy or sell. They are simply used to facilitate these trade transactions. If you're new to financial trading, this may not be the route for you. Service fees are another difference between full service and discount.

A discount company will have lower commission fees but they may require that you keeper a higher minimum balance. They have fixed rates and earn their profit from the volume of business you do. Full service companies will have higher commission fees as they earn most of their money this way.

They also charge a client based on their usage no matter what the performance of the client's investments are. It can't be stressed enough that when you're looking for a broker service on the Internet, you really need to do your research on every company you are considering going through.

Look into how quickly the firm responds to inquiries, do they have information about how to use their site and services that's easy to understand, do they have registered dealers, and compare rates and commission fees. An advantage of online brokerage services is  that you're able to use your computer and trade no matter what time it is. It gives you the opportunity to take charge of your investments and be your own broker.

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What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know About the Independent Financial Adviser

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Most investors and consumers of financial planning services don't fully comprehend the various channels Wall Street has created to serve their financial needs. There are conflicts of interest and dependency issues that your financial advisor may succumb to in order to maintain their employment. There is however one pure form of financial advisory practice that is completely autonomous and able to provide independent investment and financial planning advice - the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) model.

How to Choose the Best Stock Broker

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