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How Cuna Brokerage Services Make Credit Union Mortgages Possible

There are so many options on the market as to where clients can look for insurance, mortgages and loans. Where once upon a time credit unions had a hold over their customers with automobile and consumer loans, now they're finding that they have to branch out.

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Cuna Brokerage Services gives credit unions the opportunity to do just this. Competition is fierce from a financial standpoint and agencies are looking to keep clients just as aggressively as those clients are looking to save money.

Cuna Mutual Group is one of the biggest insurance companies in the nation and writes more credit life insurance policies than all other companies. The group believed that "debt shall die with the debtor" and thus developed 2 programs: the Loan Protection Insurance Policy and eventually, Share Life Insurance. They have these programs that can provide compensation to beneficiaries of disabled or diseased credit union members. They also work with credit unions to try and keep them up to date with tools and features to try and keep clients.

The Internet has given consumers a new way of finding insurance agencies that best benefit them and their situation. They're looking for something that keeps rates low, is easy to manage, and they want it fast. Credit unions realized this and to keep up with competition they began offering mortgages. Cuna brokerage services created web tools so the credit unions could process those mortgages from a nationwide list of providers.

This online method cuts down on the time it takes credit unions to process. There's no more phone calls to multiple places for each service requested and it cuts down on faxing documents and information back and forth. The simplification of the process makes it appear more attractive to consumers in this competitive market. It's also appealing to credit unions themselves as writing mortgages gives them another bit of power on their clients. Their accounts have bigger balances and will ensure longer terms with the members.

Cuna brokerage services offer many services to state and federal credit unions. They provide the tools they need to get and work with members for a wide variety of needs. Shopping around for the best mortgage and other loans is in your best interest, you may be surprised to find you're able to get all of what you want right there at the credit union you're a member of.

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